By: DAISY D. SIMON DOST-Quirino, Diffun, Quirino, February 2, 2016—- On January 26, 2016 DOST-Quirino, QSU-Diffun Campus and D.A.-Diffun staffs distributed Carrageenan Plant Regulator to different farmers in the Municipality of Diffun and Cabarroguis.

Before the distribution a Technology Fora in Carrageenan Technology was conducted by Ms. Mina Joy B. Wigan- Agriculturist of D.A.-Diffun and Mr. Rogelio F. Atluna-A.T.II of QSU-Diffun Campus.

A total of 151.95 liters of CPR were distributed to 36 farmers. A baseline information was first gathered from farmers by staffs of QSU and D.A.-Diffun before they will be given CPR for their ricefields.

The activity was done at DOST-PSTC-Quirino office at QSU Compound, Diffun, Quirino.


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